Vegan is my preferred diet for many reasons ranging from ethical to health to animal rights. The food pyramid above would of course look very different depending on who you are and what you are trying to achieve but this is the nature of training and nutrition.

I have been vegan for almost 16 years with minimal or no supplements and have had a full set of blood tests which confirm I’m very healthy.

For anyone looking to change to a vegan diet here are my 3 top tips.

1. Eat a variety of food. Try to eat a range of vegan foods there are literally thousands. Its easy to get into bad habits of eating the same things all the time. For vegans you might find you have too much soya, bread or pasta in your diet for example. For vegetarians this is often too much dairy.

2. Eat fresh food. You need the nutrients so precooked food or ready meals are not going to be much help even if you find one that is vegan. Fruit and vegetables are the core of the diet so they need to be very high quality if you want to feel the benefit of being vegan.

3. Use a food diary or a food plan. Write down what you eat then take a look at it or ask an expert or experienced vegan to look at it and advise if you are including all the nutrient you need or to recommend foods you could try. Another option is to use one of the online food trackers or phone apps which add up the nutritional value of your food. In this way you can also answer the questions from all the people who suddenly become very concerned about how much protein you are eating.

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