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Here is the start of my training blog.

My main race of next year is going to be rat race city to summit which is a course which I have been considering doing for over 10 years now. The race has only been run for 1 year but I spent some time in the pub with Edinburgh University Triathlon Club discussing possible linear ironman triathlon courses. We originally though of swimming the Forth, cycling to Aberdeen and running to Braemar but the Edinburgh to Ben Nevis was mentioned as a possibility also.

I’m currently on a diet to get myself down to a sensible weight for running 13.1 miles through the sand dunes in Fuerteventura. I’m tracking my food and have realised that I really do eat a lot, I’m not just imagining it. On the plus side after reducing my portions I’ve lost a few kilos so far and my running has started to improve.

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